From Our Customers

Will be buying more

I am so happy I found you guys. This was great!!!! I live in NY and it's not easy to find good bison. I will not buy from the supermarkets around here. The meat was tender, and beyond delicious. Will be ordering more when this supply runs out. Thank you!
Winnie from Oceanside, NY

Awesome products!

I quit eating meat because of all the hormones and fillers but now I can enjoy healthy quality meat again. Thank you Northstar Bison.
RK from Thompson, ND

The BEST!!!!!!

I have tried other sources for bison products and there is NO comparison. The filets are absolutely delicious! Juicy, tender and flavorful.I have also purchased grd bison products and it is the best I have ever had. My entire family gives their thumbs up to the tastiest burger they have ever had! We all say we could eat them every day!! Thanks for all your great products!
Deb the Paleo Mom from Pennington, NJ

Buffalo brats and dogs

We love the Bison hot dogs and brats. They have less fat than regular brats or hot dogs plus they have no added preservatives, nitrates, etc., so they pass the "mom" test! Delicious and easy to make, the hot dogs can be eaten right from the pack or cooked. The brats cook in a very short time. The meat simply tastes "cleaner" than store purchased red meat.
Jeff from West Bend, WI


I am VERY Happy I found North Star Bison!!!! I find their products and their service Excellent!!!!!
Marilyn J from Clearwater, FL

Nice Job

We placed our order on Tuesday and received it on Wednesday!  We were very impressed with the quality of the packaging and of the product.  You get an A+....Nice Job!   Kind Regards,  Mark & Teresa
M & T

Thanks for your assistance as we stopped in

My wife and I wanted to thank Mary & Linda for all of your assistance last thursday as we stopped in.  You both were great and we appreciate the fact that you helped to save us money not only on our in-store purchase but on future internet orders.  I will definitely pass the word around as to how great you were.  Thanks again.
Rick from Wisconsin

Fabulous Products and Service You Have

We just wanted to let you know what fabulous products and service you have.  We have used another vendor in the past, but your meat products are far superior and delicious and your super-fast shipping is top notch!  We will only order from Northstar Bison from now on.  Thanks so much! April 2013
Leslie and Mike C.

Ranch Visit

Marielle, I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with Nic and myself on Fri Oct. 17.  Nic had such a good time! I did too!  He is hard to show emotion but i could see by his face that day and in the photos I took how happy he was.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and interest in Nic's future.  I was just at Parent teacher conferences and since he returned from our trip he raised his grades in two classes by full letters! He has shared what he learned from you with all three of his agriculture teachers.  They are interested in trying to get the curriculum you mentioned to add Bison to there alternative agriculture class.  We are truly Blessed to have spent the day with you , your family,and  the Bison's too!! Nic asked me to send you a few pictures.  Nic has already been on the National Bison Assc. website!  He put the membership on his Christmas List.      Mary,  Thank you for taking the time to arrange the visit for Nic. I can't thank you enough for the time,  knowledge and kindness your family has shown us.  The day made quiet an impression on Nic. It is so nice to see people taking care of the land and raising a food source they way nature has meant it to be.  As a family with food allergies we can appreciate the efforts to raise a "clean meat" .      Thank You, Sheila & Nic Bauer 
Sheila Bauer
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Best Bison at Best Price!

The best bison at the best price!  After looking and looking, we came across Northstar and wanted to order meat for a birthday party.  With at least 14 guests, and quite the occasion, we asked Northstar for NewYork Strip Bison and WOW!!  They delivered!  On short notice, even!!  The meat was fantastic, and , again, at a fantastic price!  We recommended Northstar to al our friends and family and will be ordering from them again!  I was please and the bison was the talk of the party!  Thank you, Northstar!  You folkd are awesome!

Bison is Best

You have to love how Northstar packages their meats and deliveries arrive in the timeline they say it will. Service? Northstar is personal and relevant in the rare times I have ever had to contact them. Relevant? They don't hem and haw, they don't say stuff that has nothing to do with your questions. They get to the point and and when it's over you have an answer and a satisfying one at that. Too many businesses have forgotten about or don't care what customer service actually means. Not Northstar, you'ere dealing with PEOPLE not some online or phone robot, and the people demonstrate they care about you as a customer. In the one case where they called us due to not having the exact same size of the cut we ordered, same thing. Straight to the point, offering a solution, which we found satisfying, and just being a pure pleasure to work with.
Jason Wynngard

Bison is Best!

First, my wife and I have ordered just about every cut of bison from Northstar. We're happy for doing so. I've ordered elsewhere before and can only describe what was received as scraps of meat. Portions so small for what you paid for, we never ordered again from that source. Northstar, you get the cuts they say they're selling and could never be seen as scraps. We like everything we've ordered but in a very few cases, certain cuts had a bit more fat than we cared to have. I think it's the same with any large red meat stock. Parts of it is simply going to have a bit more fat than other parts. I have one regret and that's I wish we could afford to order more frequently. Once we found Northstar, we don't shop bison anywhere else. Being retired on a fixed income, I have to say we sure get our money's worth with each order. Thanks Northstar!
Jason Wynngard

Arrived frozen & in time for holiday grilling!

Received my order yesterday. Very pleased with how well the dry ice kept everything frozen solid. Just in time for holiday weekend grilling. Thanks!
Greg W

Northstar Bison Sells REAL Meat

The biggest thing for my wife & I has been that NorthStar Bison sells REAL meat.  Now that might sound nuts but I mean it.  Not naming names, I can tell you starting 7 years ago, we ordered bison elsewhere.  Never heard of NorthStar at the time.  I'm forced to say what we got was scraps of meat.  Little pieces that they dared to call steaks.  That was that and BYE!.  We did find a nice vendor later specializing in mostly antelope and deer meats, which we liked but preferred bison.  Since finding NorthStar that's how we roll these days.
James W.

Personal Service

A big thing with NorthStar is the personal service.  The vendors have names, they canswer emails and initiate them when necessary.  As a matter of fact, it was an email followed by a phone call that solidified out our loyalty to NorthStar.  They didn't have the exact size cut we ordered so checked to see if two smaller cuts totaling the same weight was acceptable as a substitute.  Right there we new we found our new home as far as online ordering bison, elk etc.
J. Womack

Bison Prime Rib

Bison prime rib - we ordered it twice and loved it.  As soon as we get off our bison ribs addiction, we will order it again.  But right now we have thrice ordered the very meaty bison ribs.  No matter how I barbecue them, they come out delicious.  And I do experiment with different ways to barbecue.    

Best Father's Day Gift

Just received a fathers day present, combination of (bison) burgers and dogs! This was a great gift!!!!!!!!!  I live on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida and usually everthing either comes melted or thawed out.  This came solid as a rock.  I am impressed!!!!   You did a great job for a father and grandfather.   Thanks!  Ward Mullen, Springhill,  FL
Ward M.

Great Service

I placed my order on Monday received it Tuesday.  Rice Lake, WI to Morton, IL in one day!  GREAT SERVICE.
Bob Miller

Bison, the answer for allergies

Our order just arrive in great shape!  Just wanted to thank you and your family for making such a wonderful product:)  We have a lot of allergy problems in our family and your bison is the only red meat we have found we can eat.
T & N Kuhlman

Thanks for Donation

Thanks you so much for your meat donation for our Benjamin House dinner.  The dinner was a huge success and we were able to give Benjamin House $800!  Thanks for helping to make this happen.  
Benjamin House

Another Loyal Customer

I just got my first order ever shipped to my home in KY. I ordered beef knuckles and have made soup stock from them. They were everything I could hope for - They came frozen and looked beautiful, the are clearly grass fed from the great flavour, and at a very reasonable price for such quality. I will gladly order more from NorthStar Bison in the future! You've won another loyal customer.
Love Ewesofluffy Snyder

OUT of this world Delicious!

Marinated Bison T-bone for 2 hours, then SLOW cooked on the BBQ.  OUT of this world Delicious, Flavor unbelievable.  This is the first time I have had grass fed bison.  Have been buying bison steaks from Whole Foods.  What a difference.  Great Job.  Thanks!!
M. Picacca

Oustanding in every way possible

I purchased 3 lbs of Ground Beef and 3 lbs of Ground Round several weeks ago and am finishing the last pound tonight. I wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed your bison. Absolutely outstanding in every way possible. I have shared it on my FB page and will be ordering again soon.  Thank you!  
R. Rollins

Bone Broth is Awesome!

Simmered and drank 14 oz of the, oily in a good way, just fantastic....makes the chicken bone broth I've been drinking seem pale and weak by comparison, smelled great too.  I feel the power of that large beast. Will be drinking everyday and ordering more. Home run!   I am 67 but do tons of yoga and other workouts so am in excellent shape...feel the effects already,,,not to sound weird but feel warm inside, skin tingling, scalp feels tight in a good way, can tell it's loaded with good stuff...and that's just one dose!...have way more energy than normal right now for an afternoon workout!! great Michelle...very glad I found you guys!!! Keep cooking those bison bones and I will order more soon! Best, Mike
Mike, Rubber Stamp Champ

Northstar Bison's tenderloin top pick by winemaker Zepaltas

The bison dish was the favorite of many of our guests, including the winemaker. Thanks for producing such a great product. Jim Webster,  Wild Rice Restaurant, Executive Chef/General Manager
Wild Rice & Zepaltas Winery

Big hit at cocktail party

Mary and crew..... We featured your bison short ribs at our latest cocktail dinner!  It went over awesome.  Thank you for custom cutting and accommodating our needs!  Very much appreciated.  We made sure we let our guests know where we got our meat from! Thanks again, Andrew Johnson
Johnson's Crossing