Bison Broth gave me my life back!

I wanted to write this to you because it was so important to me to let you know how my "taking" the bone broth twice a day has made a difference , in my life , really.  I originally placed an order for the buffalo bone broth in hopes to help a stiffness and contracture that I recently began noticing in my right middle finger.  I had developed a "trigger finger" and was looking for something, anything, natural that may help it to feel better and bend easier without pain.  I began first by taking some turmeric spice in a mixture in the morning that seemed to help tremendously right away.  I had been about two months into this turmeric mixture when I ordered the buffalo bone broth from you.  I began taking two heaping tablespoons of the bone broth in a cup of steaming hot water with some organic no salt seasoning once a day for a week or so.  Then  I began taking this bone broth recipe twice a day.  Although I will say, my stiffness/pain in the affected finger is still feeling better, and I am able to do all the work I need to do, I didn't notice a huge difference by adding the bone broth.  However the broth had  an unintended benefit that absolutely changed my life. 

(This is kind of embarrassing for me to talk about but I decided to because maybe there is someone else out there like me)

I have had a skin condition on my hands my whole life since birth that I have tried pretty much everything to improve and seen many doctors/dermatologists/specialists over the years.  It is a condition whereby my skin on  my palms is quite rough and will tend to crack and peel spontaneously.  I have been told by every doctor that it's just something I will have to live with.  Because I have had this my whole life, I have felt incredibly self-conscious and embarrassed of my hands.  I do everything possible to hide them and have my whole life.  I keep my hands closed at all times, will tend to keep them out of sight as much as possible, I wear gloves as much as possible at work as I work in the operating room, keep them in my pockets, and if I have to point at something when I am teaching in the operating room, I use an ink pen or some object to point to where I'm referring to.  I feel self-conscious when I hold hands with anyone or my patients, and it's been something that has kept me from feeling comfortable wearing rings or nail polish or doing anything to draw attention to my hands.  I am single, never married.  I've stopped trying to go to a manicurist because I'm too embarrassed.   It's been 52 years of this.  (There are tears in  my eyes right now)  After two months of the bone broth, my hands have essentially healed completely.  This has never , ever happened.  I've tried every prescription cream that exists. Nothing ever worked.  I knew they would never get better. And I just gave up.   But now....after approximately a month and half or so.... They do not crack .  They do not peel.  For the last month or two they have been totally healed.  This has never been the case for this long of a period of time.  Ever.   I have never , ever had my hands be completely free of cracking/peeling skin....ever.     Yes, they are still a little rough, but they are no longer red, cracked, peeling or sensitive.  For me this is unbelievable.  I cannot tell you how incredibly wonderful it is..... to be able to take a salt shaker from someone or wear a ring or put on nail polish, give someone a 'high five' , point to something, hand someone something and not worry if someone catches sight of my hands. For the first time, I feel almost 'like everyone else'... I cannot possibly ever thank you enough for making this product available.  I don't know if your  process of stewing the broth and the inclusion of the ACV  makes a huge difference in the yield of healthy collagen in your end product.  I'm not exactly sure what is is in the broth that makes the healing possible.   All I know is ...that.... I don't know how to thank you enough for your integrity in producing your products.  I wake up every morning and look at my hands and put on my  hand lotion and seriously thank God , and I mean truly,  for  the animals themselves, for how you care for your herds, , for the integrity I believe you put into what you offer, and that somehow I stumbled onto your website and found your product.  I'm thinking this as I drink your broth as well.

Please , if there happens to be anyone else out there who has maybe, something similar with their skin, I hope you will recommend they give a try to drinking the buffalo bone broth.  It seemed to work in about 1-2 months and continues even now to be working.

Thank you Mary for all that your company does.  Please know I can't thank you enough.