Soy/Corn Free Chicken Bone Broth, w/Buy 3, Get 1 option

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Each stainless steel kettle of meaty soy & corn free chicken carcasses, bay leaves & purified water produces a delicious batch of chicken bone broth.    After 24 hours of simmering, the remaining solids will be removed, strained, and cooled.  When cooled enough to handle, we fill glass Mason jars and freeze.  Ready to ship to you!!  Just heat and drink or use as a soup/stew base and gravy.  Can be diluted with equal parts of water for soup. 


  • Each- 1 Pint
  • B3G1 (Get 3 jars for the price of 2)


Nutrition Facts: 

**Chicken Broth
Ingredients:  Purified water, Soy & Corn Free Chicken carcass


Package Includes: 

Soy & Corn Free Chicken Broth- 1 Pint

Pints Jars