Pork Ham, Smoked, Uncured

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Naturally smoked ham, preservative and nitrate free. The hogs spend their life in the pasture being 'pigs' and their diet is FREE of antibiotics. The supplemental grain is non-GMO, raised by the farmer who raises these hogs for us.

You'll never taste a better ham!! Just put it in a crock pot or roaster pan, turn on low and cook til well heated thru. Depending on size, it may take anywhere from 5-10 hours. The ham is precooked so it can be sliced and eaten as is if you like a cold ham sandwich.

  • 3 - 7.5 lbs



Nutrition Facts: 

Ingredients: Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Raw Honey, Honey Granules, Pepper, Spice Extracts