Beef Summer Sausage

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NorthStar Bison is a family ran Ranch located in Northwest Wisconsin and East Central Minnesota is the Largest Distributor of Grass-Fed Buffalo Meat in the United States. All our buffalo meat we raise & sell is antibiotic and hormone free, non-confined, free-roaming and humanely, field-harvested. We also offer locally raised Grass-Fed Beef, Lamb, Elk & Pastured non-GMO Pork; Organic, Pastured Chicken(soy-free option) & Turkey(soy-free option), & Rabbit.

100% grassfed pure beef summer sausage made with our old fashioned recipe that rivals any summer sausage.

Preservative free, 2 flavors

  • Plain
  • Jalapena Cheddar
Nutrition Facts: 

Beef Summer Sausage-Uncured Ingredients: 100% Beef, Water, Sea Salt, Raw Honey, Black Pepper, Ground Caraway, Garlic Powder, Coriander, White Pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg

Package Includes: 

Beef Summer Sausage, 12 oz