Lamb Chops (Loin, Rib & Sirloin)

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100% grassfed lamb loin chops.  Loin chops are the filet mignon of lamb. Our 100% Grass-Fed lamb chops are perfect for grilling or broiling -- They're cut to 1 thickness, so it's easy to cook them to any desired degree of doneness. On average, you can serve two or three lamb chops per person. Tender, juicy, mild flavored young animals. Locally raised. Loin chops resemble a 't-bone' steak and the rib chops are like 'pork chop' with the curved rib bone on the inside with the meat wrapping over the top of the curved rib bone. (photo by Anthony Chavez, Exec. Chef,) lamb loin chop from Sage Brushed Lamb Chops

  • 16 oz packs, 2-3 oz. per chop

16 oz packs, 2-3 oz per chop @ $26.95/lb.