Bison Tenderloin Mini Medallion Pack (20% off)

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5 @ 8 oz. Packs of Bison Tenderoin Tip Medallions!! Special $99.80, Reg. $124.75. This is the creme dela creme of steaks that will create memories that will be remembered forever!  

  • 1 FREE Pkg of Tenderloin Tips(included in Pack)
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Perfect to toss in the pan and sear a handful at a time for just yourself or the whole family. Or slide them onto a stick for extra tender kabobs. Lean, juicy, flavorful tenderloin bites.  

**As with all bison, be careful not to overcook them and you'll enjoy a fabulous meal.**    

Package Includes: 

Bison Tenderloin Tips Medallion Pack:

  • 5 @ 8 oz Packs of Bison Tenderloin Tips Medallions

Bison Tenderloin Tips Medallion Pack