Bison Raw Knuckles w/B3G1 option

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Bison raw half knuckles, 4-5 lb/pack. Great for soup, broth, or your pet. Bison bones are 10 times harder than beef bones.

Package Includes: 

4 packs @ 4-5 lb Bag Bison Raw Half Knuckles 

Bison raw half knuckles 4-5 lb/pack.

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Happy Guide Dog
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By Ringo's fan from Buffalo, NY - Oct 17, 2014
About Me:
Guide Dog, Ringo, Chooses Bison Bones. I got several new bison dog bones for my guide dog, Ringo.  I thawed the raw bison knuckle bone and gave it to him in his “toy box” with the rest of his bones.  Out of 6 different kinds of bones, Ringo chose the bison bone and continues to as long as it is one of the options.  The rest of the bones in his toy box are left behind, getting old.    Ringo is a specially trained guide dog by Gallant Heart Guide Dog Center.