Bison Marrow Bones

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Raw, fresh or frozen, marrow filled bison shank bones cut into 1 inch in length. Extract the marrow and spread on a toasted brioche or add to your kettle of pure water for a rich, nourishing broth.

  • 1 lb packs either fresh or frozen.
  • Size: 1.5-2 inch diameter, 1 inch thick.  Cut from upper front and hind legs.  
  • Can be choking hazard for large dogs.

"I roasted the bison marrow bones at 450 degrees for 30 minutes with nothing but sea-salt and pepper. I roasted a head of garlic as well. This is fantastic!! Marrow bones are loaded with glycine and gelatin. Nothing is better for healing and/or staying healthy. I ate the marrow with a small spoon with the garlic. I am going to use the bones after I have finished the marrow to make bone broth for drinking." 


Starting @ $12.95 for frozen, 1 lb pack.

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Huge + Super Fresh Bones = 1 Happy Dog
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By Carey from Harrisburg, PA - Oct 17, 2014
About Me:
My dog is allergic to beef, so in an attempt to find something for him to chew, I ordered Bison Marrow Bones. They are huge (some pieces reaching 4-5" long) and stand up to days of aggressive chewing. The bones were fresh, cleaned just enough, almost odorless, and much less messy when chewed compared to the rawhide I used to buy. The bones from Northstar Bison are far superior to bones I have ordered from online natural pet stores.