Bison Leather Purse

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Nine different Bison Leather Purse Styles, Made in the USA

1.   2-Strap Buffalo Leather Purse

​The 2-Strap Buffalo Leather Purse is the most sophisticated purse in our line. Handcrafted with 8 square feet of american buffalo leather, this purse is great for those who need style and capacity. Our unique design will give you space to keep your belongings accessible and organized.
12 x 4 x 9 inches

  • Divider & Coin Pocket
  • Snap Out Keyring
  • 2 Full Length Pockets
  • Zipped Top

2.  Bisonette Buffalo Leather Purse 

Retro, smart and bursting with style, the Bisonette Buffalo Leather Purse is designed with European influences. It’s compact single pouch design gives you freedom to easily store & carry everything you need. Crafted with American Bison leather and solid hardware this purse is strong, sturdy and built to last. The Bisonette Buffalo Leather Purse is sure to turn heads with it’s unique design.
8 x 2.5 x 8

3Buffalo Traveler Purse 

The Buffalo Traveler Purse easily carries a kindle, nook, or perhaps a checkbook and French Clutch. This purse has a back pocket that easily accommodates your cell phone. The buffalo leather will darken with age, much like a well worn saddle. "The perfect shoulder bag for traveling light with the necessities(boarding passes, tickets, passport or just shopping) tucked inside or quick access from the outside pocket.
7 x 2 x 8 inches

4.Trim Style Purse (center nickel) 

Our Trim Style Purse has been designed to lay flat against your side. The shoulder straps are fastened to the back side of the purse rather than on the centerline of the gusset. This gives it a sleek feel, letting it sit perfectly on your shoulder. This version of our Trim Style Purse comes with an authentic Buffalo Nickel and Buffalo Applique. A smart looking, solid brass, centerbar buckle is attached to the straps. This allows you to easily adjust the length. If you’re a man hankering to buy your women a gift, our Trim Style Purse covers the bases!  This purse is medium sized & wide enough to easily hold our buffalo French Clutch Wallet. Inside, you will find two interior pockets; one for a cell phone and the other containing a vinyl card case. We didn’t forget you carry keys and coins! This Trim Style Purse sports a snap out leather key ring and snap coin pocket. We go to great additional expense to put a finish on the back side of this beautiful leather. This allows our Trim Style Purse to be made entirely of buffalo leather. No fabric lining; it wears out far too quickly! The Trim Style Purse is our best selling medium sized purse!  12 x 2 x 9 inches

5.Texas Star Trim Style Purse 

6.Trim Style Purse Buffalo Applique 

7.Trim Style Purse Side Nickel 

8.KW Buffalo Leather Purse

Our KW Buffalo Leather Purse packs a smart & contemporary design. Slim & Stylish, the mid-sized KW Buffalo Leather Purse has an inside pocket for your cellphone. Another pocket on the outside easily fits a business sized envelope. This purse is going to look great on you and it’s crafted with our high standards. The KW Buffalo Leather Purse, built from American Bison leather and top quality hardware is strong, sturdy & built to last.  12 x 2 x 9 inches

9.HMK Buffalo Leather Purse

The HMK is the smallest buffalo leather purse we make. It was designed by our daughter when she was 16. We questioned and explained to her that it wasn’t going to hold much and she smiled and said, “PRECISELY!” We have gone on to sell this purse far and wide. It can be seen in all 50 states and perhaps a dozen foreign countries.  2 x 5 x 6 inches

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