Bison Bone Broth Concentrate w/Buy 3, Get 1 option

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Each kettle of meaty bison neck bones, cartilage rich bison knuckles, tendons, organic apple cider vinegar & purified water produces a delicious batch of bison bone broth.  Made from 100% grassfed bison bones.  After 72 hours of simmering, the remaining solids are removed, & strained.  When cooled enough to handle, we fill glass Mason jars and freeze.  Ready to ship to you!!

Broth is Concentrate so add equal parts water, heat & drink or use as soup stock.

Choices :

  • Each: 1 Pint 
  • B3G1 (Get 3 jars for the price of 2)


Nutrition Facts: 

**Bison Broth Concentrate
Ingredients:  Purified water, Bison bones, tendons, organic apple cider vinegar



Package Includes: 

Bison Broth Concentrate- 1 Pint Jar
**Dilute with equal parts water**