Pastor Emory blesses his congregation on his birthday

Pastor Emory Johnson treated his congregation at Hope Lutheran in Siren, WI to a festive bison cookout to celebrated his 65th birthday on Sept. 8, 2013.  This was his 3rd annual birthday party that Northstar Bison catered with 3 choices of bison meat and ALLLL the fixin's.  Bison Kielbasa (Emory's favorite), Bison Burgers, and Bison Kabobs were the meat choices.  Mary Graese and husband Lee of Northstar Bison personally cater the event.

Mary shares,  "It is one of the highlights of the year as we share the cooking privileges over the grill and enjoy the many excited appetites in anticipation of the feast.  I bring many of my garden fresh produce items that serve as burger toppings; fresh made relish, pickles, vine ripened tomato slices, homemade sauerkraut, and vegetables for the kabobs skewers."