Northstar Bison passes Animal Welfare Approved audit in flying colors!

Mission Statement

To improve farm animal welfare by auditing compliance with, and promoting family farmers who adhere to, the highest welfare standards.

Auditor, Erika L. Voogd completed and confirmed the premises of Northstar Bison Processing Plant in Conrath, WI having passed the Animal Welfare Approved program’s slaughter plant review for bison, beef cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs (elk also processed) on Aug. 29, 2013 and thereby is in compliance with 1) Animal Welfare Approved requirements for humane pre-slaughter handling including the American Meat Institute Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines and 2) Federal Humane Slaughter Act  regulations.   We us the “field slaughter” process for the bison and also the beef whenever possible.

Auditor, Erika Voogd personal comments:

“This was my first experience with field harvest of bison and it totally changed my thinking about all other bison harvest experiences.  There is no doubt that the meat produced by Northstar Bison will be higher quality and have less stress associated with the entire process!!!
It was very peaceful, the bison clearly trusted Lee and were used to seeing humans.  This would be an excellent company to feature in AWA newsletter, website, etc.  Their practices are very convincing!  They could also benefit from a grant for use to remodel the stun box (for other species) and add some shade cloth to the pens and possible the pasture.”