By Tracy Rolling - Ramona Home Journal• Wed, May 01, 2013....The world just celebrated Mother’s Day. But for one local family, Mother’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning. That’s because they’ve become a surrogate mother for an orphaned buffalo named Buck.  "Buck was a twin,” explains Ken and... Read more
Farewell to Vince Fairchild, our ranch hand since Oct. 2006.  Vince and his wife Cindy moved to Rice Lake from Richland Center, WI to take on a position with Northstar Bison, first working in the processing facility, where our needs were the greatest.  Vince's passion & experience was outdoors... Read more
A historic but cautious attempt to force food manufacturers to label products containing genetically modified ingredients passed the Vermont House by an overwhelming 107-37 vote last week. If approved by the state Senate and signed by the governor, the bill, H. 112,  would make Vermont the first... Read more
Full tummy, warm sun, nap time! This is what spring is all about on the ranch. New life in the pasture, the warm days were short lived so far as an untimely storm came thru the Midwest yesterday and tuned the landscape to look like the next photos. A day off for the ranch truck.Red sky at night,... Read more
Wow, where did the last 2 months go!  I can’t believe that it’s already March! Well, like I summed up in the last segment we have been out of town a lot.  First we were off to Denver for our annual National Bison Assoc winter conference. Like every year it was great, lots of reconnecting with... Read more
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!  The weather has been phenomenal for us this year.  The rain has been plentiful and yet the sun has been no stranger either.  Here is a sneak-peek into what the summer has been like for us here on the ranch and abroad.
Our fall has been a beautiful, mild fall with a gorgeous stretch of colors. Now that the leaves have fallen we are in our season of harvest. Our harvest season consists of hauling and delivery of animals from our various producers. Being that the supply is still limited, the arrival of animals... Read more