The Family

The Beginning

This is truly a family-run business with our whole family involved. In 1994, when we (Lee and Mary) began this adventure, our three kids (Renee, Sean, and Marielle) were too young to really understand and participate, but they were always willing to ride along on the wagon or in the truck to do chores. So I, Lee, and my wife, Mary, did the majority of the work.

The Kids Grew Up

As time went on, the kids became more involved, and we added a fourth to the work crew, Lexi. We are all still involved today. Renee, with her husband, Andre, and 3 children have relocated to be closer to Rice Lake. Sean, with his wife, Sami, and family lives six miles from the home ranch, and is in developing his leadership skills to someday soon aspire to CEO and contributes to our "creative" needs in social media, ads, FB, film production, some customer service and willing to pitch in where ever is needed.  Truly a jack of all trades.  There isn't anything he hasn't done at some time in his life. Marielle & Brett live in the second house on the home ranch and she manages the herds. Lexi has also married her sweetheart from NM and is a great help on their cattle ranch that her husband, Kees manages.  She keeps reminding him that the "bison are so much smarter than his cattle".  I think he's starting to consider that too... The kids all have their own animals and run a cow/calf operation together, producing award-winning breeding stock. Mary is in charge of sales and customer service, while I, Lee, oversees (with Marielle as his sidekick ready to take over) the whole operation with Mary's assistance.

Continued Growth

Our holistic approach is creating a livelihood for our 4 children who have chosen to contribute to the operation and growth of our company.

-Lee Graese, founder and owner of Northstar Bison LLC