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ALERT: BUCK FEVER @ NSBWhen Sean is not filling orders and taking care of our customers, he loves to spend time in the woods.  He hasn't missed a deer hunting season since he was 4 years old!  While he is gone, we are planning a sale to share in the excitement with a "FIRE SALE" on our pet treats.  
When you're feasting on your Thanksgiving turkey, your unconditional loving pets can be enjoying dinner!

Trophy buck shot by Sean Graese with bow, Nov 2013.

63% off Bison Organ Pack for $99.99! Reg. $269.90  (Exp. Dec. 1)
"Treat your 4 legged friend to a real Thanksgiving"

          22 lbs of Mixed Bison Organs:
                   5 lbs Bison Kidneys, each
                 10 lbs Bison Liver, 1 lb/pack
  4 lbs Bison Spleen Portions, approx 8 oz./pack
               2 lbs Bison Heart, 8 oz./pack
                    10 Bison Ovaries, each
                                   ***FREE GROUND SHIPPING***

50% off Smoked Bone Bundle for $58.95! Reg. $117.93
21 lbs of Mixed Smoked Bones:
                         4 Beef Whole Knuckles
                        8 Beef Shanks, 3-4 inches

                      8 Bison Lower Shanks, 3-4 inches
                      8 Bison 1/2 Knuckles
                    2 Elk Lower shanks, 2-3 inches
                    2 Elk Whole Knuckles
                  ***FREE GROUND SHIPPING*** 



We Still have Organic Turkeys left
Sizes ranging from 13 - 16 lbs


Free Ground Shipping on orders over 15 lbs.

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